Discuss the Meaning of ‘Justice’

When the dictionary definitions of justice are considered, it is difficult to interpret a straightforward meaning of justice as the definitions can vary. Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary defines justice as ‘the upholding of rights, and the punishment of wrongs, by the law’. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines justice as ‘just conduct; fairness; exercise of authority […]

Victimology and Restorative Justice

Within this essay l shall critically assess the extent to which the restorative justice programme called Circles of Support and Accountability provides a more just resolution of a dispute than that provided by traditional justice processes. The traditional UK Criminal Justice System focuses in dealing with crime in an extremely punitive manner and usually imprisonment […]

Honesty vs. Justice

The question of the place of honesty in a system that promotes justice has spurred constant discussion in the field of Criminal Justice. The very question revolves around the problem of the extent that honesty could be skipped in the name of the pursuit of justice. This issue becomes very stark especially when the issue […]

Ethics In The Criminal Justice System (Wrongful Convictions)

Introduction The criminal justice system’s validity and authenticity is founded mainly upon its evenhandedness and efficacy. Its efficacy is assessed by its facility to identify that a crime has been committed and probe into it, be aware of its offenders and implement suitable measures and penalties to those who will be convicted of transgressions. Likewise, […]